Certification vs. Non-Certification

What’s The Difference Between Certification And Non-Certification Classes?


Certification classes have learning objectives specifically aligned with the skills defined by NFPA to achieve Technician Level competency. At the end of a certification class, students can earn their certification by demonstrating practical skills and passing a written exam. Students who pass receive a certificate that is good for two years.

Specifically, our certification classes are designed around NFPA 1006 and 1670, which define the skills required to achieve:

  • Confined Space Technician Level
  • Rope Rescue Technician Level
  • Trench Rescue Awareness, Operations and Technician Level

Certification classes are more rigorous and tend to graduate more skilled rescuers.

A typical multi-year training cycle for a Confined Space Tech or a Rope Rescue Tech would include the certification classes themselves (Confined Space Tech, Rope Tech, or a Fast-Track™) and a re-certification class within two years. In between those, we recommend a Team Performance Evaluation,  attending Roco Rescue Challenge, or a highly scenario-based class, like Urban/Industrial Rescue Team Operations™.

For a Trench Tech, the training cycle would include the Trench Rescue class and re-certifying by re-taking the Trench Rescue class within two years. In between those, many students elect to take our Trench Competent Person class or any of our other rescue classes, depending on the rescuer’s interests and job requirements.


Non-certification classes cover many of the same core principles as certification classes, but don’t cover quite as many topics or go into quite as much depth, nor do they evaluate students with a skills test or written exam. Our rope and confined space non-certification classes meet OSHA 1910.146 annual practice requirements.

A recommended multi-year training cycle for non-certification students of confined space and rope rescue includes Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™, Urban/Industrial Rescue Team Operations™, a Custom TPE™ or Roco Rescue Challenge and a Refresher. Our work-at-height and supervisor-level classes are often mixed in as well. And those who initially come to us for work-at-height or supervisor-level classes often grow their skill sets by taking confined space, rope and trench classes.

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