Site Assessments

Every four days a fatality occurs in a confined space, usually in industrial or construction settings. As a result, OSHA mandates evaluation of the work site/facility for confined spaces, as well as training for workers and rescuers who will be operating in these areas.

Our experts are available to help you meet OSHA requirements pertaining to evaluation of all spaces in the workplace and determining where permit-required spaces exist. If entry is allowed, our team will assess how to eliminate hazards, or how to protect entrants when existing hazards cannot be eliminated. Our assessment will guide your rescue strategy when entering these spaces and help you develop comprehensive rescue pre-plans.

Did you know?…

…as an employer, you may decide to prohibit access to certain confined spaces, but employees must be notified of the existence of prohibited spaces and effective measures must be taken to prevent entry.

Work-At-Height Site Assessments

Falls are the second leading cause of occupational injuries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They constitute a considerable amount of workers’ compensation and medical costs ($70 billion annually according to the National Safety Council), and falls are a major cause of fatalities in many industries, especially construction. Preventing these accidents is critically important.

The first step we take in developing or evaluating your fall protection safety program is to conduct a site assessment, or a fall hazard survey. The goal of this work is to identify all the fall hazards that exist and to develop ways to best protect your people from them.

ANSI standards stipulate that the assessment must be performed by a Competent Person, using the Hierarchy of Fall Protection as a resource for eliminating or mitigating hazards. Some assessments can vastly improve safety by simply re-organizing where or how certain work is done. Other assessments may advise implementation of structural changes to a workspace to protect workers.

Following an assessment by one of our experts, you will receive a Fall Hazard Survey Report. This report is a key component of a comprehensive fall protection program. We can also help you with rescue pre-planning and evaluate any training needs. You can read more about work-at-height site assessments and fall hazard surveys in this article written by our own Pat Furr.

Do you know?…

…how to best address all five levels of risk in the Hierarchy of Fall Protection, and when a written rescue plan is required under the industry consensus ANSI standard? (see our Hierarchy of Fall Protection safety poster).

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