Rescue Service Evaluations

Evaluating your rescue service helps ensure that the team you select has the knowledge, technical skills, and capabilities required to meet your company’s specific needs. In addition, a team evaluation helps fulfill the performance requirements outlined in OSHA 1910.146.

More than 60% of confined space fatalities occur among would-be rescuers, a statistic that underscores the importance of selecting a competent and properly trained rescue team. The upfront effort to thoroughly vet your rescue service could end up preventing injuries and even saving lives.

For all rescue teams or services, the evaluation should consist of two components:

  1. An initial evaluation, in which employers decide whether a potential rescue service or team is adequately trained and equipped to perform permit space rescues of the kind needed at the facility and whether such rescuers can respond in a timely manner; and
  2. A performance evaluation, in which employers assess the skills of a prospective rescue team or rescue service during an actual or practice rescue.

OSHA 1910.146 Appendix F contains a full evaluation checklist. Also check out “If it’s non-mandatory, why should I even bother with it?” and Evaluating Your Rescue Service for more information.

If you would like information on utilizing Roco Rescue’s documented Team Performance Evaluation for your rescue service, or to discuss your particular rescue service needs, please call 800-647-7626.

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