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The goal of every one of our CSRT Standby Rescue Teams is to never have to do a rescue in the first place. We do not stand around waiting for an accident to happen. We take an active approach to safety and risk mitigation through a process of comprehensive inspections, hazard identification and permit reviews. We eliminate another variable by bringing our own rigorously maintained and inspected equipment to your job. We also protect your team by ensuring all lockout/tagout procedures are followed and inspecting your personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our “rescue prevention” approach all starts with our people working with your people. Our teams are staffed with only the highest caliber rescuers who must meet rigorous selection standards. Most team members are experienced firefighters with EMT certification, and most have served on our industrial standby teams for years. Some are also Roco Rescue instructors. They bring a level of experience and practical expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Trained, Experienced Emergency Responders (average 20 years combined rescue experience per team)
  • Certified Confined Space Rescue Technicians to NFPA 1006
  • Technical Rescue Equipment meeting NFPA 1983
  • OSHA Qualifications for Entrant, Attendant and Entry Rescue
  • First Responders/CPR/First Aid (most are EMT’s)
  • COSS (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist) Crew Chiefs Available
  • Safety Focus…Roco is an OSHA VPP Star Worksite
  • Roco Teams Consist of One Crew Chief & Two Crew Members (varies based on scope of work)

If you need support with a plant turnaround or are engaged in activity postures of either “rescue available” or “rescue standby,” call us to discuss your situation and get an assessment of your needs.

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