Rescue Compliance…Is Your Team Ready?

We’re often asked by plant managers or rescue team supervisors about how they can make…

Roco QUICK DRILL #15 - Personal Skills Challenge (Advanced)

 Each participant would be given all necessary equipment to complete the required tasks. Depending on…

How Do I Choose a Qualified Rescue Service?

If entering permit-required confined spaces is performed at your worksite, then this is a question…



16: Pre-Rigging Safety Equipment

Texas Task Force member and Roco Instructor Matt McElearney is back to discuss the details and benefits…

15: What Does A Helicopter Search And Rescue Tech Do?

Texas Task Force member, and Roco Instructor, Matt McElearney gives an inside look at the…

14: What Rescue Training is Right for You?

Roco Director of training Dennis O’Connell discusses the often asked question “what training is right…



CMC Clutch by Harkin

Roco Rescue’s Chief Instructor Brad Warr takes a look at the CMC Clutch by Harkin,…

Petzl Maestro Block & Tackle

Roco Rescue Chief Instructor Brad Warr demonstrates how to incorporate and use the Petzl Maestro…

Anchored Petzl Maestro Lower

Roco Rescue Chief Instructor Brad Warr demonstrates how to rig a Petzl Maestro to lower…
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