Q & A with Roco Chief Instructors About 2021 Training Courses

My team has always attended the Roco Industrial I/II, will team members attending the new…

Is the Petzl Maestro Good for Industrial Rescue?

By Brad Warr, Roco Rescue Chief Instructor Question: “I noticed that some mountain rescue teams…

Pat Furr Retires: A Farewell Thank You to our Rescue Community

Well folks, after over forty years of working full time in the technical rescue field…



1: Dialing 911 For Confined Space Rescue

…Is your facility relying on 911 for confined space emergencies? Pat Furr, Roco’s VPP Coordinator,…

2: OSHA Construction Standard for Confined Spaces

Roco’s former Director of Training Dennis O’Connell gives an in depth look at OSHA’s new…

3: Fire Department Obstacles

Jim Breen, former Fire Chief of the Albuquerque Fire Department, discusses the many challenges faced…



Webbing Shortening Technique

Have you seen this Webbing Adjustment Technique (shortening) developed by Roco Rescue for adjusting webbing…

“No-Step” Work-Rescue Harness

Designed in a collaborative effort by Roco Rescue instructors and CMC engineers, this harness is…

Anchor Knots Used for Rope Rescue

Learn how to tie anchor knots for rope rescue with this short video from the…
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