Fire Department Scholarship Program

As part of our efforts to support municipal emergency responders, Roco Rescue will be offering quarterly…

Confined Space Rescue Is Just Ropes, Right? I’m a-Frayed Knot.

So, you’ve got your rescue team up to date on all the nifty tricks in…

How to Make an Impact as Safety Professionals

Safety professionals want to make sure all workers get home safely, but what are the…



16: Pre-Rigging Safety Equipment

Texas Task Force member and Roco Instructor Matt McElearney is back to discuss the details and benefits…

15: What Does A Helicopter Search And Rescue Tech Do?

Texas Task Force member, and Roco Instructor, Matt McElearney gives an inside look at the…

12: Team Proficiency in Training

Pat Furr discusses training considerations that teams should focus on to reach the highest level…



8 Essential Knots for Rescuers

Roco Rescue covers the eight knots commonly utilized in their Rescue Courses. This is a great…

CMC Clutch by Harkin

Roco Rescue’s Chief Instructor Brad Warr takes a look at the CMC Clutch by Harkin,…

Petzl Maestro Block & Tackle

Roco Rescue Chief Instructor Brad Warr demonstrates how to incorporate and use the Petzl Maestro…
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