Where Do I Start?


Training Paths for Roco Confined Space Rescue
Roco’s Path’s Chart provides a visual of how rescuers progress through the different levels of training.
  1. Do I want individual skills or team qualification?

  2. Do I need to show compliance with NFPA?

  3. Am I attending training alone, or with my whole team?

If you want to focus on individual skills/qualification or you need to demonstrate compliance with NFPA, then you should explore our Certification Courses.

Most teams and rescuers who don’t require an emphasis on individual rescuer proficiency and don’t need to comply with a specific body of standards (other than OSHA!) will start with our Roco Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™ class.

If you are attending training alone, or with only a few coworkers, our Open Registration courses are for you. If you need to get an entire team trained, contact us for a Private Training quote. Certification and Non-certification classes are available as both Open and Private courses.


How Much Time Do You Have?

If you have limited time to dedicate to training, Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™ can be combined with Confined Space Rescue Technician and Rope Rescue Technician to achieve full certification as a Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technician in accordance with NFPA 1006 over multiple classes.

If you have a larger block of time, take a look at our Fast-Track™ Confined Space Technician and Fast-Track™ Confined Space & Rope Technician options. These provide full certification in a single class that spans about 2 weeks.

What’s the Next Step?

Every rescuer knows that their skills are perishable. Some return and reaccomplish another basic course each year. Rescuers who have the opportunity to train with their employer or on their own often take the next step in advancing their skills and getting certified. Others cross disciplines and try Trench Rescue or one of our Tower or Fall Protection courses. Whatever you do, make sure that you put in the time to maintain your skills as often as you can. Remember, OSHA requires annual training, but most rescuers know that’s not truly enough.

Check out our Team Performance Evaluations, and if you’re up to it, sign your team up for our annual Roco Rescue Challenge!


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