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A free resource we created to share insightful information, news, views and commentary for those interested in topics like confined space, rope rescue, trench rescue and other technical rescue topics.

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Roco Reviews the New CMC Triskelion™ Tripod

Triskelion. The name is as old as the concept, three legs coming together to a common point and sharing a load concentrated in the center of those three legs. There…

Sked Stretcher...Celebrating 40 Years and Still the Best!

Few rescue devices have saved more lives than the Sked Stretcher – and it’s literally saved thousands of lives. And, after almost 40 years, it’s still the most compact, versatile…

Sometimes, Timing IS Everything.

Whether you’re a comedian telling jokes or a quarterback throwing a fade route to your favorite receiver, timing is key. And when you’re rescuing a worker who’s fallen into a…

Transformer Top Rescue
Specialized Power/Utilities Course

A little bit of planning can save a whole lot of time – especially when it comes to preplanning for rescue or self-rescue. Many emergency response agencies that respond to remote locations are simply not trained or equipped to respond to the kinds of rescues encountered by utility workers.

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Roco Rescue Tech Gloves
$19.95 while supplies last

Designed for rescuers, made from hard-working goatskin, double-layered over the palms, and double-stitched at all points for increased wear resistance, they provide the hand protection and dexterity a rescuer needs while also being comfortable and durable.

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Marine Standby Rescue

At least one boat shall be immediately available wherever employees are working over or near water. According to one OSHA letter of interpretation (LOI), the retrieval of an employee from the water is required within no more than 3 to 4 minutes from the time they entered the water. And depending on the hazards present, it could be required even sooner.

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A Safer WayTM

Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we practice what we preach. Our motto is, “There’s a safe way, and a safer way.” Earning OSHA’s VPP Star is external validation of our commitment to safety.

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