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A free resource we created to share insightful information, news, views and commentary for those interested in topics like confined space, rope rescue, trench rescue and other technical rescue topics.

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Rescuing from the Bullpen

It is FINALLY that time of year. The sight of freshly mown Kentucky Blue Grass, the smell of $9.00 hot dogs, the taste of $13.00 draft beer. It is that…

Low-Angle Rope Rescue

During a recent snow storm in Highland Mills, New York, the Woodbury Fire Department performed a rope rescue for a driver whose car flipped over the guardrail. The wreck occurred…

Trench Deaths = Manslaughter?

In a grim reminder about the dangers of trench and excavation work, this article from Safety+Health Magazine also serves as a warning to employers. “The court’s decision sends a message…

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Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™
May 3-7, 2021

A scenario-based course that meets the annual practice requirements of OSHA 1910.146. The new, highly anticipated 50-hour Roco Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™ course is the starting point for rescuers working on rope and in confined spaces.

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Self-braking descender with auto-lock function for technical rescue

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When you need support with a plant turnaround, or are engaged in activities with "Rescue Available" or "Rescue Standby", our Rescue Teams bring a level of experience and practical expertise you won't find anywhere else.

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Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we practice what we preach. Our motto is, “There’s a safe way, and a safer way.” Earning OSHA’s VPP Star is external validation of our commitment to safety.

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