30 HRS / THREE 10-HR DAYS (suggested)

NFPA 1670 states that teams must undergo an annual performance evaluation, and NFPA 1006 says individuals shall demonstrate competency on an annual basis. OSHA 1910.146 has minimum annual practice requirements using realistic scenarios in the types of confined spaces from which rescue may be required.

A Roco Team Performance Evaluation (TPE™) simulates the pressures of emergency response while providing third-party documentation of your team’s rescue capabilities. Graded scenarios are used to evaluate safe, timely and proficient response in confined space and elevated rescue environments. Each scenario is debriefed so that any deficiencies can be identified and corrected. Teams are scored on their rescue skills, response capabilities and patient care.

A written report documents confined space types completed, highlights strengths and identifies opportunities for improvement. For TPEs conducted at the Roco Training Center, all six (6) confined space types are included. For on-site sessions, available confined spaces located within the team’s response area will be used for the evaluation.

Call 800-647-7626 to schedule a TPE at your site or at the Roco Training Center.


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