Sterling Tactical Response Rope – 9.5mm (3/8 in)


Ideal features for mountain rescue and tactical situations.

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Designed for tactical and mountain rescue scenarios, the 9.5mm Tactical Response Rope is ultra-strong and lightweight, and comes in a compact diameter that is compatible with climbing and rescue hardware. Its Technora sheath is heat and cut resistant making it an ideal rope for rappels. The protective sheath helps to withstand aggressive abrasion from being dragged over edges, around corners and through debris.

The Tactical Response Rope (9.5mm) is the smaller version of the Tech11 Technora (11mm).

NFPA 1983: Technical
Meets ANSI Z133.1
EN 1891: Type b
Diameter (mm) 9.5
MBS Rating (kN) 30.0
MBS Rating (lb) 6,744
Weight (lb/100′) 4.2
Elongation at 300 lb (%) 3.9





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