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Many rescuers consider this to be the best rope grab on the market. The SMC PMI Grip is designed to work with virtually any rope you have in your gear bag and is regularly used in our rapid deployment kits.

The intuitive and secure release mechanism makes it easy to put the rope grab on any rope, and the compact curved body makes it easy to grip.
Not designed as a belay or fall protection device.

Certified to Meet NFPA Technical Use
Key Features:
Ropes up to 13 mm
Anodized aluminum

Sizing Info: 10 mm – 13 mm rope
Color: Gold
MBS: 5 kN (1124 lbf)
Weight: 6.7 oz (190 g)
Length: 3.87″ (9.8 cm)
Width: 1.85″ (4.7 cm)
Height: 2.90″ (7.4 cm)
Max Rope Size: 13 mm
Material: Anodized Aluminum

Made in the USA
Berry Compliant