NFPA 6 Bar Rappel Rack


NFPA certified rappel rack for excellent control while descending.


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The SMC rappel rack enables a rappeller to control the rate of descent by modifying the amount of friction on the device. This is done by adding or removing bars while under load. It can also be quickly and easily tied off to enable a rescuer to assist with a patient, or to rig other gear, or for a variety of other situations requiring hands-free maneuvering while suspended on rappel.

Its frame is stainless steel in order to provide exceptional strength, reliability, and durability. SMC is one of the few US manufacturers with rappel racks that are UL Certified to NFPA standards.

With the larger diameter brake bars and the addition of the SMC Tie-Off Bar the SMC NFPA Brake Bar Rack passes the test for a General Use rating without the use of a connector bar. This improvement maintains the rack’s performance while greatly increasing the ability to adjust the friction. All SMC NFPA products are stamped with the required certification information and the user information is enclosed with each item as required by NFPA.

Model #: NFPA14001
Material: Stainless Steel Frame & Tie-Off Bar, 5 Aluminum Brake Bars
NFPA1983 Certified for “G” General Use and “T” Technical Use










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