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Michelle Rivere

Training Coordinator/Sr. Administrative Assistant

Michelle Rivere joined Roco Rescue in 2007 in an administrative role. She has since advanced to Training Coordinator/Sr. Administrative Assistant. When asked to describe her current duties, she said, “When it comes to training at Roco, I support almost every aspect. I ensure that our training programs are scheduled, staffed, supported and documented – so that our clients, students and instructors get everything they need for an excellent course.”

As Training Coordinator, Michelle works very closely with Roco’s Director of Training Chris Carlsen in a number of projects including the development of course/instructor outlines and the Roco Student Study Guides. She establishes Roco’s annual open-enrollment course schedule, maintains the internal instructor work calendar, oversees the travel system for instructors and creates training proposals for clients.

Perhaps one of her biggest responsibilities is coordinating Roco’s Annual Rescue Challenge with the Director of Training. This involves planning and hosting the two-day event for rescue teams from across the nation. According to Michelle, “Rescue Challenge offers an incredible opportunity for teams to practice their skills in challenging scenarios under pre-set time limits to simulate the pressures of a real rescue.”

When asked about Roco’s mission, she says, “To provide the best, safest and most reliable rescue training along with exceptional customer service.” As far as the most rewarding part of her job, she adds, “Helping our clients receive the training course that is best for them along with the documentation required to demonstrate successful completion. This is especially important for a company’s training and compliance records.”

Michelle was born in New Orleans and now resides near Baton Rouge with her husband of 35 years. They have two grown sons and two awesome grandchildren. “They are my world!” according to Michelle. She enjoys spending time with her family – and loves attending music concerts and anything that involves being on a beach! She adds, “My faith in Jesus Christ remains a constant in my life, and I am very blessed to have the family and job that I do.”

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