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Committed To Service

There are those that run from the fire, and there are the few who run towards the danger. The brave. The selfless.

When you see someone in jeopardy, you put your life on the line to bring them to safety. Your sense of pride runs deep. Never seeking recognition. Never seeking the spotlight. That is not why you do it. You’re there to bring people home safely.

And that’s why we’re here. Rescuers turn to Roco when they need training, equipment, and standby teams because we stay current and never settle for anything less than the best.

We believe that serving emergency responders is an honor because you are the ones who protect our families, our communities, and our nation each day. Our knowledgeable and passionate instructors and staff realize the importance of what you do, and we are committed to serve you. At Roco, WE DO RESCUE.

Terry Addison

Chief Instructor

Ish Antonio

Tactical Program Manager

Kanen Blackwell

CSRT Crew Chief

Zac Cain

Special Projects Manager

Carroll Campbell

Customer Relations

Chris Carlsen

Director of Training

Eddie Chapa

Industrial Business Development
Chief Instructor

Mayumi Davis

Account Services

Sandra Eisworth


Travis Etie

Chief Instructor

Troy Gardner

Chief Instructor

Kay L. Goodwyn


Kenneth “Kenny” Greene

Chief Instructor/CSRT Crew Chief

Bobby “B.K.” Kauer

Regional Manager
Northeast CSRT
Chief Instructor

David Landrum

Gulf Coast Regional CSRT Coordinator

Kimberly LeBlanc

CSRT Invoicing Coordinator

Michael Lemoine

Operations Manager
Business Development

Dana Marcello

Human Resources Generalist

Chris McGlynn

Director of Safety
VPP Coordinator

Danny McNeely

Tactical Chief Instructor

Devin Payne


Denver Payne

CSRT Planning and Operations

Heath Petty

Chief Instructor

Hunter Pinion

Safety Specialist
CSRT Crew Chief

Alex Reckendorf

Chief Administrative Officer

Michelle Rivere

Training Coordinator/Sr. Administrative Assistant

Chad Roberson

Chief Instructor

Cindy Sharrer

Chief Financial Officer

Aimee Sims

Vice President

Austin Stilley

CSRT Crew Chief

Dominic Velasquez

New Mexico CSRT Regional Manager
Chief Instructor

Hunter Vidrine

CSRT Senior Crew Member

Brad Warr

Chief Instructor

Chris Warrick

CSRT Crew Member
Medical Program Manager

Teresa Wilson

Equipment Services

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