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Michael Lemoine

Operations Manager
Business Development

Michael Lemoine’s role spans a wide variety of tasks covering a broad cross-section of Roco Rescue’s business as Operations Manager. He works with all department managers and office staff to assist where he can and ensure that they have what they need to do their jobs most effectively. He is proud of Roco’s reputation for providing the absolute best customer service and wants to see that it continues. Michael is also responsible for business development for Roco – coordinating efforts across the organization to provide an extra level of customer care while discovering new clients along the way.

Before joining Roco Rescue, Michael spent the past 10 years working in finance – holding multiple roles from a financial advisor, manager, and loan officer. He served his financial customers as a consultant, account manager, financial analyst, and occasional therapist. He has a B.S. in Finance and an MBA. Additionally, he has served in the U.S. Air Force and Louisiana Air National Guard for the last 14 years—the last 10 as an officer in various leadership positions. He currently serves as Medical Readiness Officer for the 159th Medical Group in a management capacity (Major).

To his credit, Michael has spent the last 6 months getting to know Roco from the ground up. After attending a Roco Rescue FastTrackTM course, he worked as a CSRT Crew Member in our standby rescue division. As such, he has spent much of his time working on a crew in one of our local industrial facilities.

When asked what Roco’s mission means to him, Michael said, “No matter what Roco department you look at, when you get down to the root of what we are doing and why it is to get people home safely to their families every day. And this is really true whether you are talking about training, safety services, CSRT, and even equipment sales – we are there to get people home safely.” Michael also said that his favorite part of working at Roco is seeing the pride Roco employees take in that mission.

When not working, Michael loves spending time with his wife and their three children while living out in the countryside of Ville Platte, Louisiana. He enjoys playing golf, cooking, the occasional fishing trip, and flying. Flying is his passion, and he has his private pilot’s license; however, he rarely has the time to fly these days. With his Roco job and three young children under the age of 10, we can certainly understand!

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