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Kenneth “Kenny” Greene

Chief Instructor/CSRT Crew Chief

Coming from the largest police force in the United States and serving in the prestigious NYPD Emergency Services Unit, Kenny Greene has a wealth of knowledge in multiple technical rescue disciplines. Having been a member of NYPD for 22 years and assigned to ESU for the past 16 years, he has developed and honed his skills serving the city that never sleeps. He has served as the lead rope rescue, trench rescue, and building collapse instructor for the past 7 years. Kenny also serves as a rescue specialist with FEMA’s New York Task Force 1.

Six years ago, Kenny came to work for Roco Rescue as an assistant rope and confined space rescue instructor and a CSRT standby rescue crew member. With his skills and experience, he quickly moved up the ranks to a Chief Instructor and CSRT Crew Chief. Kenny also serves as one of Roco’s primary Chief Trench Rescue Instructors, assisting in keeping the program up to date. He has brought a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience to the Roco team.

When asked about Roco’s mission, Kenny’s response is direct and to the point – “Overthink your actions in training, not on a real-life rescue. This way you learn how to keep it clean and efficient.” And he definitely emphasizes this with his students as he teaches for Roco across the nation. According to Kenny, “Overly complex systems often prove to be a hindrance to the rescue, causing needless delays.” He adds, “It’s best to keep it safe and simple.”

Kenny really enjoys teaching new students – in fact, he says the most rewarding part of his job with Roco is “seeing people who maybe have never worked together, operate as a team by the end of a class.” A major component of any successful rescue is teamwork, and that’s what Kenny instills in his students. Repetitive practice of skills, realistic scenarios and working together as a cohesive team can mean the difference in life or death for the victim.

Kenny lives on Long Island and says his favorite activity outside work is going camping with his family.

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