Roco Rescue is a world leader in teaching how to safely operate in work-at-height situations, and how to use fall protection principles to prevent accident. Our courses equip students with transferable skills they can use to effectively handle a variety of situations.

We keep our students up-to-date on not only the latest fall protection equipment, but also the latest best practices in preventing falls through hazard identification and mitigation. We also teach safe and effective rescue techniques for suspended workers, tower work and wind turbine towers.

Fall hazards are present in virtually all industries. Construction work is particularly exposed to fall hazards, as documented by a recently released long-term study showing that falls were responsible for 42% of all construction worker deaths. As such, it is critical to understand how to prevent falls, as well as how to employ fall protection equipment to keep yourself – and your colleagues – safe on the job.

The growing number of towers and wind turbines is creating a growing need for rescuers with specialized skills to respond when accidents happen. If you are a first responder in an area with a lot of these structures, or if you work for a company that puts people in work-at-height situations on these structures, then you need to take our Tower Work & Rescue class or our Wind Turbine Tower Rescue class.

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