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Petzl Technical Partner (PTP)Roco Rescue is proud to be recognized as a Petzl Technical Partner (PTP) in the specialty areas of industrial and municipal rescue. In being selected as a PTP, Roco has been deemed an expert company that contributes to the development of best practices through an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Confined Space Tripod Lower using Petzl Maestro at the Roco Training CenterFor 40+ years, Roco has independently evaluated rescue, fall protection and rope access equipment from major manufacturers to select what best meets the needs of our customers from the industrial, municipal and tactical markets.

Our team of instructors continuously searches for the latest innovations in rescue gear, always looking for the safest and most effective components. We have found that Petzl products continue to provide rescuers with some of the best solutions for the job at hand.

Petzl’s innovative products continue to serve as core modules of Roco’s training and equipment cache. Recent advancements such as the Maestro and SPIN Pulleys are key examples of Petzl’s commitment to safety, simplicity and efficiency. That’s why we choose Petzl for many of the products we use and recommend to our customers.

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