Petzl VECTOR Rope 1/2in


High-strength rescue rope with EverFlex technology.

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The Petzl VECTOR 1/2 inch (12.5mm) rope is a high-strength, low kernmantle rescue-caliber rope. It incorporates Petzl’s EverFlex technology, which helps the rope maintain its flexibility throughout its useful life and in adverse conditions such as dust, water and mud.

Diameter: 12.5 mm
Material(s): polyester, nylon
Certification(s): CE EN 1891 type A, EAC, NFPA 1983 General Use
Weight per meter: 111 g
Strength tied with figure-eight knot: 23 kN
Strength with sewn termination: 34 kN
Impact force (factor 0.3): 5.7 kN
Number of factor 1 falls: 15
Construction: 32 carrier
Percentage of sheath: 46 %
Static elongation: 2.8 %