CMC Rappel Gloves


The CMC Rappel Gloves offer flexability, durability, comfort, reliability, and exceptional hand protection.

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CMC Rappel Gloves offer exceptional hand protection without compromising movement or dexterity. Wear them while rappelling, tying knots or setting up a rigging or rappelling system. Pittard’s Armor-Tan leather and distinctive Kevlar® brand fiber stitching make for an exceptionally durable pair of gloves.

At the thumb web, a double layer provides hand protection while rappelling. The wear-resistant double palm provides protection from moisture and abrasion as well as cold and heat.

The second anatomically segmented layer works to counterract grip fatigue. Just as much thought went into designing the back of these gloves: spandex provides ventilation, flexibility and comfort, while the elastic at the wrist provides a reliable fit. To avoid misplacing or dropping them, the gloves have carabiner loops stitched into the wrist so that they can clip to harness gear loops when not in use.



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