Competent Person Training

Competent Person courses are designed for supervisors, managers, or other personnel designated by their employers as a Competent Person. Competent Persons have supervisory responsibility for safe working conditions and often must sign-off on a particular area before workers can enter.

If you work in/around trenches, you need people with trench competent person training to safeguard the lives of your crew and to protect you from the crippling financial liability of civil wrongful death suits and OSHA fines. This makes a trench/excavation competent person an extremely valuable member of any construction team. In the vast majority of news stories we read about trench collapses, the skills and processes required to make a trench safe were clearly not in place. Studies of OSHA investigations support this conclusion.

In our fall protection courses, the competent person will be able to evaluate and improve a worksite’s existing fall protection program, or design one from scratch. A graduate of our Fall Protection Competent Person Trainer course has the know-how to train co-workers to the level of Competent and Authorized Persons.

Finally,  the Entrant, Attendant and Entry Supervisor course is a great class for managers who oversee facilities with confined spaces. Using our Team Approach To Confined Space Entry, it will help them build a big-picture planning and communications framework and ensure safe operations.

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