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Chris McGlynn

Certified Safety Specialist (CSP)

Having joined Roco in August 2019 as a CSRT Crew Member, Chris McGlynn quickly progressed to handling safety specialist jobs and was promoted to Crew Chief in January 2021. He is a certified Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technician; a former Paramedic Field Supervisor; and, most recently, he successfully completed the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exam. Chris also has a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University.

His rescue, medical and safety skills and experience are put to the test on a daily basis while working for Roco. As a Crew Chief, Chris is responsible for running and managing confined space jobs across the nation. As a Safety Specialist, he has inspected, tested and evaluated workplace environments, equipment and practices to ensure that workers followed safety standards and government regulations. He has also worked in a diverse collection of environments including offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, refineries, air separation units, carbon black plants, nuclear power plants, hydropower plants and coal powered plants, just to name a few.

According to Chris, “Roco’s mission is to provide rescue and safety services while keeping safety and quality as top priorities. Roco’s commitment to safety ensures that the best rescue is one that never happens – taking a proactive approach to preventing accidents from ever occurring.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of his job, Chris responded, “Prior to my time with Roco, I spent 12 years as a paramedic, responding to the horrific aftermath of accidents. With Roco, I have the ability to be an integral part in preventing accidents from ever happening! There is no greater satisfaction or reward than seeing everyone go home at the end of the shift in the same way they showed up.”

As far as adventures while working for Roco, Chris was on a flight from Houston to West Palm Beach to a job when an infant experienced severe respiratory distress. As a Paramedic, Chris was quick to render medical care. He said, “Even though I had done this kind of thing hundreds of times on the ambulance, it was a pretty tense situation.” Thankfully, the baby responded very well to the treatments, and the flight was able to continue without having to make an emergency landing. Chris also added this interesting fact: “Airlines are extremely well equipped for many medical emergencies that may arise during flight; unfortunately, they are just not staffed for it.”

Chris and his family live in Belair Cove, near Ville Platte, Louisiana. There, he also serves as a volunteer firefighter / paramedic for his community. Chris is happily married to Alexis McGlynn, his wife of 10 years. They have two wonderful children (Alyssa, 5, and Rhett, 2) with another one on the way in July 2021.

When asked what he enjoys outside of work, Chris stated, “I’m a musician. I’ve always been musically inclined and can play many different instruments.” He added, “I’m also a smoked meat connoisseur; as a hobby, I enjoy making my own sausage, Tasso[1] and other smoked / Cajun style meats.” Aside from that, Chris enjoys anything outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, etc.) Above all else, he says, “I enjoy spending time with my family!”

[1] Tasso – from the Cajun dictionary, Tasso is smoked, spiced, and cured meat from a hog – a specialty of south Louisiana cuisine.

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