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Multiple Ways To Build Your Rescue Skills

If you’re interested in confined space and high-angle rescue training, there are several paths with various options you can choose from in your training with Roco Rescue.

(For those of you looking for a course in the areas of trench, work-at-height, medical, tactical or supervisor, you may already know which class you are looking for, but please do call use at 800-647-7626 if you need any assistance.)

If you’re new to Roco Rescue’s training program, an important question to ask is, “Do I want to become a certified Rescue Tech?” Our certification programs are more rigorous, which is another way of saying that you’ll come out the other side a more skilled, better-prepared rescuer. We recommend you read more about our certification programs here.

If you’re uncertain about certification, we suggest you begin with Industrial I/II. This is a great foundational class, and you can follow it up with either a Rescue Tech II class to get certified in confined space rescue, or with a non-certification class, just to keep your skills sharp and satisfy basic requirements for documented annual practice. For those who are interested in certification, there are two paths…


Rescue Tech Path

If you have taken Industrial I/II recently, you can then advance to Rescue Tech II for confined space certification, and Rescue Tech III for rope rescue certification. The recommended training cycle, with classes at 6-9 month intervals, would be:

  1. Industrial I/II
  2. Rescue Tech II (confined space cert) →
  3. Team Performance Eval OR Roco Rescue Challenge OR Industrial III
  4. Rescue Tech II Recertification


  1. Industrial I/II
  2. Rescue Tech II
  3. Rescue Tech III (rope rescue cert) →
  4. Team Performance Eval OR Roco Rescue Challenge OR Industrial III
  5. Rescue Tech II & III Recertification


The second path to certification is our Fast-Track classes, which have no prerequisites and graduates can earn a confined space cert (Fast-Track 80) or both a confined space and rope rescue cert (Fast-Track 120). Our Fast-Track classes are intense, but they are very popular, partly because they shave days off the Rescue Tech route.

Confined space rescue certification via Fast-Track is an 80-hour process over 8 days, and it shaves 2 days off the total time required, compared to the Rescue Tech Path. It can be done in one training trip, as opposed to two. Rope rescue certification via Fast-Track is a 120-hour process, taught in two consecutive 6-day sessions with a day off in between. It shaves 3 days of instruction time off the traditional route of Industrial I/II, followed by Rescue Tech II, followed by Rescue Tech III. And it can be accomplished in one trip to our training center, as opposed to three separate trips.

For some people, the traditional route with smaller bites spaced out over time suits their learning style better, but others prefer the continuity of Fast-Track. If you fall in the latter group and/or your need to get certified is more urgent, then Fast-Track is a great option.

We recommend these cycles for Fast-Track:

  1. Fast-Track 80 (confined space cert) →
  2. Team Performance Eval OR Roco Rescue Challenge OR Industrial III
  3. Rescue Tech II Recertification


  1. Fast-Track 120 (confined space AND rope rescue cert) →
  2. Team Performance Eval OR Roco Rescue Challenge OR Industrial III
  3. Rescue Tech II & III Recertification


For those not interested in certification, we recommend this cycle of classes, taken at 6-9 month intervals:

  1. Industrial I/II
  2. Refresher →
  3. Industrial I/II
  4. Team Performance Eval OR Roco Rescue Challenge OR Industrial III.

This recommended cycle includes Industrial I/II twice because it covers so many core fundamentals and perishable skills, so we see a lot of benefits from re-taking this course. In every session of every course we teach, we are diligent about covering all the topics and meeting all the learning objectives, but we also change things up so that you will be challenged even when you take the same course repeatedly.

If you are only able to make it to our classes at 12 month intervals or longer, we highly recommend requesting a longer (4-5 day) custom Refresher. Whereas if you are coming back to train every 6 months, a shorter (3 day) Refresher is adequate.

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