Trench Rescue

At Roco Rescue, our courses teach students important rescue/safety principles so that they can better understand how to safely enter and mitigate the hazards associated with trench emergencies. We also equip students with the skills required to address hazards as they arise, preventing avoidable injuries and deaths to both the rescuers and the victims.

The skills required to safely work in trenches/excavations – and to address hazards as they arise – are very different from other hazardous scenarios like confined space entry. Most industrial and municipal rescue teams are not properly trained to safely perform trench rescues. According to OSHA, excavation and trench work are among the most dangerous construction/industrial operations. Cave-ins are the most frequent cause of trench worker fatalities, and they are often due to improper evaluation of soil types and incorrect usage or absence of protective systems i.e. sloping, benching, shielding or shoring. Other dangers include falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres and mobile equipment.

The growing trend in trench/excavation fatalities is so concerning that OSHA has recently created a National Emphasis Plan (NEP) on trenching and excavation safety. As part of this NEP, OSHA is stepping up compliance and enforcement efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can help keep your teams safe while doing trench/excavation work, and also keep your company compliant and avoid unnecessary legal liability and financial risk exposure.

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