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Roco Training Center RTC


Built for Rescue

The Roco Training Center (RTC) provides a very unique setting for emergency responders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

For industrial or municipal responders who may be challenged with confined space and high-angle rescues, tower workers who may be responsible for rescuing themselves or their co-workers, or very specialized teams within the Department of Defense – the RTC provides an excellent setting for learning real-world technical rescue skills.

The ability to simulate various types (and complexities) of high angle and confined space incidents as well as being able to change up the training prop keeps rescuers coming back year after year.


Focused on Rescue Compliance

The 5-story training prop at RTC is a 32,000 square foot structure built of stacked, off-set shipping containers. The unique design creates a confined space training maze that can be modified and changed to challenge the most experienced responders.

The inner courtyard and tower provide an excellent area to learn the latest Fall Protection techniques as well as Tower Work and Rescue.

With three classrooms and numerous field stations, students have many areas to practice their skills.

RTC offers a multitude of confined space and high angle rescue scenarios including all six “confined space types” based on the criteria found in OSHA 1910.146. Rescue teams can meet their minimum annual practice requirements in all six confined space types while working in a safe and controlled learning environment.

Flexibility Keeps Rescue Training Fresh

The ability to simulate various types (and complexities) of confined space incidents as well as being able to modify the prop keeps rescuers coming back year after year. The facility provides an excellent place for “seasoned” teams to meet their practice and drill requirements.

“Refresher training is designed to knock the rust off. We try to throw the worst case situations at our returning rescue teams,  because if you can do the worst cases, then you can do the easy rescues,”
Roco Chief Instructor Chad Roberson explains.

All Roco programs are led by professional instructors with emergency response backgrounds.

Training options include open-enrollment courses conducted regularly at the RTC, or privately scheduled training based on your specific needs. Either way, you can be assured that your personnel will learn the latest, safest and most effective rescue techniques.

For more than 30 years, our motto has been, “There’s a safe way and a SAFER way!” Safety is a critical part of all training conducted at the RTC. In 2013, we were honored to receive the OSHA VPP Star Worksite designation for excellence in safety.

Roco Training Center (RTC)
8274 Merle Gustafson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70807

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