Traverse 540 Rescue Belay


Versatile belay designed for rescue

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This mechanical belay device was developed specifically to meet the needs of Fire Service and Industrial rescue teams.

The two-way loading and locking design permits both ends of the rope to be used as the load line, decreasing the chance of an incorrectly loaded device and improving operator efficiency. The 540 Rescue Belay comes equipped with a built-in release lever, so you don’t need to carry a separate release device or hitch.

Very simple and easy to use, reducing complexity and training time
Symmetrical design allows for bi-directional loading
Self-locking with sudden falls
Built-in release lever eliminates need for release hitch; only 624 grams
Force limiting; passes demanding rescue belay competence criteria

Weight: 1.6 lb
UL certified to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) for General Use
Small: Accepts 10.6-11.5 mm diameter kernmantle rescue ropes
Minimum 23 kN breaking strength
Large: Accepts 11.5-13.0 mm diameter kernmantle rescue ropes
Minimum 27 kN breaking strength

Passes the BCCTR Rescue Belay Competence Drop Test Criteria*
* The British Columbia Council of Technical Rescue Belay Competency Drop Test specifies a 1-meter drop onto 3 meters of kernmantle rescue rope with less than 1 meter of additional travel and less than 15 kN peak force. For a General Use rated device, a 280-kg load and a 12.5-mm rope are generally used. For a Technical Use device, a 200-kg load and an 11.1-mm rope are used.

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