SMC Lite-Lock Steel Carabiner



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SMC-Lite Alloy Steel Locking Carabiners are for those situations where high strength and durability are desired but size and weight are also important factors. This carabiner is approximately half the weight of SMC’s Large Steel Carabiners and only three ounces heavier than the SMC Aluminum Locking D. These SMC “lite” steel carabiners have tested at up to 10,000lb. The offset “D” shape provides ample volume to clip in large diameter ropes. The sleeve locks on the gate rather than the body of the carabiner, eliminating problems of the knob binding on the frame once the carabiner has been loaded.

All SMC NFPA carabiners have the required certification information stamped on the frame and the user information is enclosed with each item as required by NFPA.


UL Certified to meet NFPA 1983 “G” General Use.
Manufactured using high quality alloy steel.
Unique “hybrid” design utilizes stainless steel for gates and other internal parts insuring silky smooth and trouble-free performance for the life of the carabiner.
Pins are flush-mounted with gate for a virtually snag-free operation.
Thread design and medium knurl provide a positive action for secure use with gloves yet is easy on bare hands.
Sleeve is precisely aligned by hand so that it moves freely and locks on gate not the frame thus prevents jamming upon release under heavy loads.

Weight: 6.6oz
Meets NFPA 1983 General Use
Made in USA
MBS: 45kN