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Designed to be man-packable, the one of a kind Skedco/Roco Mini Tripod features a fully removable head and two-part legs so that its weight can be distributed among team members as needed. Its unique swivel connection point eliminates the need for adding a soft link to your anchor system, maximizing the 54” high connection point.

When combined with the Roco Insertion/Extraction System (RIES®) or Tactical Rescue System (TRS™) Rope Kit, even vertical litter patients can be extracted with ease. The head has connection points for tiebacks when being used as an A-frame (bipod), while the feet can be staked to the ground or rotated to allow the pointed ends to grab in soft surfaces. Rather than using a standard chain, we’ve reduced the weight even further by using an 8 mm cord to secure the feet.

The Skedco/Roco Mini Tripod is the strongest rescue tripod available on the market today and easily meets NFPA requirements for a Rescue Load. With its compact size and a breaking strength of more than 20,000 pounds at full extension, your team’s efficiency will be dramatically increased without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.

  • Removable legs adjust in 5″ increments (6 settings)
  • Shortest setting: 45” overall height
  • Highest setting: 64” overall height, 54” at the bottom eye bolt
  • MBS: >20,000 lbs. (using 8mm cord to secure the feet)

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