Roco Team Member Kit


Essential items that every rescue team member needs


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Roco Rescue’s Team Member Kit contains all of the essential equipment required for Emergency Response Team (ERT) rescuers and other technical rescue teams.

The Roco Team Member Kit includes:

3 NFPA21001 PMI-SMC Large Locking D Carabiner, NFPA
1 NFPA20003 SMC XL Locking Carabiner, NFPA
3 SM102100 SMC FP ANSI Lite Autolock Carabiner
1 D020BA00 Petzl ID, Large NFPA G Rated

1 R131A Roco Resistor Energy Absorber, ANSI
1 R133 ROCO/CMC Daisy Chain 72″ OAL; 6″ loop on each end
1 R123 Roco 4ft Multi-use Yates Strap

1 CC080WG001 PMI 8mm Prusik Cord Red/Yellow (7 ft)
1 CC080WF001 PMI 8mm Prusik Cord Green/blue (7 ft)

1 WB254MS08 1″ Tubular Webbing – Red (24 ft)
1 WB254MS07 1″ Tubular Webbing – Orange (30 ft)
1 WB254MS09 1″ Tubular Webbing – Yellow (40 ft)
1 WB254MS06 1″ Tubular Webbing – Blue (6 ft)

1 A020BA02 Petzl Strato Helmet – Red

1 RC007FR_   Roco Urban ATOM Harnesses (specify size)
1 R187L Roco Rescue Tech² Gloves, Large
1 R910C Roco Pocket Reference Book
1 54EL47 Tactical Knee Pads
1 R4202 Roco Team Member Bag Black

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