Roco Safety Line Kit



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The Roco Safety Line Kit is packed with the equipment needed to anchor and run a safety belay system. It allows for the establishing of a safety belay/retrieval line in a timely and effective manner. This kit is built around the 540 Belay, which is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to belay a falling load.

The Roco Safety Line Kit includes:

1 R0012O Roco/ARS Breakout Rope Bag (holds 300ft rope) Orange
1 RR125OW061E PMI 1⁄2in x 125ft Rope (orange/white)
1 RR125R2061E PMI 1⁄2in x 125ft Rope (Roco red)
2 B071BA00 Petzl ASAP Lock
2 M72ATLA OXAN H-frame carabiner, TRIACT-LOCK
1 R135 12in x 36in Roco Canvas Rope Pads
1 R130 Roco Rope Guards
1 WB254MS07 1in x 30ft Tubular Webbing (Orange)
1 WB254MS06 1in x 5ft Tubular Webbing (Blue)
1 R123 Roco 4ft Multi-use Yates Strap
1 R540L 540 Rescue Belay Large
2 R131A Roco Resistor Energy Absorber

1 P60A Prusik Minding Pulley

1 G063BA00 Petzl PAW M Rigging Plate

6 M31TLN Rock Steel Auto Lock Carabiner

2 NFPA20003 SMC XL Carabiner

2 NFPA21001 SMC Large Locking D Carabiner

1 382121 Maillon Rapide 1⁄2in Quick Link Large Carabiner



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