Roco Rigging Kit



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This kit is designed to supplement or be used in conjunction with our other rapid response kits (Main Line, Safety Line, Mechanical Advantage). It provides additional equipment as well as specialized systems that may be needed to construct and perform safe and effective confined space and high angle rescue operations.

The Roco Rigging Kit includes:

1 441103 CMC Rig Tech Pack – Red
1 D020BA00 Petzl ID Large NFPA G Rated
1 B17ARA Petzl Lightweight Ascension Right
1 C47A Petzl Footape; adjustable foot
1 P60A Prusik Minding Pulley
1 300430 CMC PMP Swivel Pulley SS
1 300432 CMC Double Pulley
1 P65A Twin PMP Double Pulley
2 R123 Roco 4ft Multi-use Yates Strap
1 WB254MS08 1in x 24ft Tubular Webbing (red)
1 WB254MS07 1in x 30ft Tubular Webbing (orange)
2 WB254MS09 1in x 40ft Tubular Webbing (yellow)
2 WB254MS06 1in x 6ft Tubular Webbing (blue)
6 M073CA00 Petzl Vulcan Tri-Lock Carabiner
1 NFPA20003 SMC XL Locking Steel Carabiner
2 382121 Maillon Rapide 1/2in Quick Link Large Carabiners
1 P044AA01 Petzl JAG System lightweight hauling
2 3SF Gibbs Ascenders
1 P58L Petzl Swivel
2 R135 Roco Canvas Rope Pads 12in x 36in

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