Roco Mechanical Advantage Kit



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This kit is designed to offer quick set-up for an immediate means of retrieval for confined space entry as required by OSHA. It can be used to pre-rig M/A systems or for building simple Block & Tackle systems that can be piggybacked/stacked onto a main line or safety belay/retrieval line for pulling rescuers or patients from a confined space. For longer hauls, it includes enough equipment to build a Petzl ID Z-rig.

The Roco Mechanical Advantage Kit includes:

1 RR125BW061E PMI 1/2in x 200ft Rope (blue)
1 R0012BLU Roco/ARS Breakout Rope Bag 300′ w/ PocketsĀ  (blue)
1 D24BA00 Petzl Maestro L
1 G063BA00 Petzl Paw M Rigging Plate
5 M073CA00 Petzl Vulcan Tri-Lock Carabiner
1 382121 Maillon Rapide 1/2in Quick Link Large Carabiner
1 P60A Prusik Minding Pulley
1 300430 CMC PMP Swivel Pulley SS
1 300432 CMC Double Pulley
1 P65A Twin PMP double pulley
1 B50A Petzl Rescuecender Rope Grab
2 R123 Roco 4ft Multi-use Straps by Yates Gear
2 R130 Roco Rope Guard

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