Roco Main Line Kit



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This kit is designed for the quick set-up and lowering of a rescuer into a confined space, or for setting up a system to lower a patient from an elevated platform. It comes with 200ft of 1/2in rope padding, carabiners, directional and hauling pulleys, and other needed items. It includes the Petzl ID-L as a descent control device with additional equipment to convert the lowering system into an emergency hauling system if needed.

The Roco Main Line Kit includes:

1 R078AA41 Petzl Vector 1/2″ Rope – Blue – 200ft
1 R0012BLU Roco/ARS Breakout Bag (holds 300ft rope) Blue
1 R130 Roco Canvas Rope Pad 12″ x 36″

1 R135 Roco Rope Guard 24″
1 WB254MS09 1in x 40ft Tubular Webbing (Yellow)
1 WB254MS08 1in x 24ft Tubular Webbing (red)
1 CC040OE001 PMI 4mm Accessory Cord Multi A  – 12ft
2 R123 Roco 4ft Multi-use Yates Strap
1 CC080WG001 PMI 8mm x 5.5 ft Accessory Cord (red/yellow)
1 CC080WF001 PMI 8mm x 6.5 ft Accessory Cord (green/blue)
1 D024BA00 Descender Maestro L

1 NFPA21001 SMC Large Locking D Carabiner
1 D020BA00 Petzl I’D Large NFPA G Rated
1 NFPA21001 SMC Large Locking D Carabiner

1 P001CA00 Petzl Spin L2 double pulley w/ swivel
2 P001BA00 Petzl Spin L1 single pulley w/ swivel

1 P001AA00 Petzl Spin L1D single pulley w/one-way rotation & swivel
1 P74 Petzl RollClip A Non-Locking
2 B50A Petzl Rescuecender Rope Grab
1 G063BA00 Petzl PAW Medium

6 NFPA21001 SMC Large Locking D Carabiner

1 382121 Maillon Quick Link 1/2″

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