Roco Adjustable Litter Bridle with Litter Pack



SKU: K-R139


Our intructors saw the need for a litter bridle that would be rescuer friendly while on-line so in partnership with our friends at CMC, we came up with the Roco Adjustable Litter Bridle. This bridle is an extremely efficient use of hardware and webbing. The unique two-piece construction allows for pre-rigging and easy patient packaging while providing a high level of safety. The range of adjustability allows for the rescuer to adapt to changing situations in industrial, urban or wilderness environments. The Roco Adjustable Litter Bridle comes pre-rigged with four SMC FP ANSI Lite Carabiners, but can accept a wide range of carabiner sizes. O-rings are rated at 5000 lb. For safekeeping and protection we recommend the bridle be stored in the included Roco Litter Pack.

Weight 7lb
MBS 22kN
Made in USA
Carabiners and bag included

Roco Pick




22 kN



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