Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.0 Single Pulley


Workhorse pulley-and-swivel in one device.

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The Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.0″ Single combines the functions of a pulley and a swivel in one rugged device. In most set-ups, a pulley is connected to a swivel by a carabiner. The Omni-Block’s design reduces your equipment weight and keeps you better organized by eliminating the need for a separate carabiner. Another innovation is in the design of the sideplate, which opens while the pulley is still connected to the anchor. This allows the user the ability to remove and install rope while still connected to the anchor, whereas a traditional set-up would require removing the carabiner to change the rope. Also, the shorter length of the Omni-Block is advantageous when working in tight spaces or at high angles.

The Rock Exotica Omni-Block comes in a 2.0″ Single and 2.0″ Double size. The 2.0″ Double provides two 2-inch sheaves while still employing all the features of the Single.

Install and remove rope while still connected to the anchor.
Sideplate locks with two-stage, double-catch safety mechanism.
Integrated swivel allows pulley to orient while reducing gain.
Connect, install and remove rope with one hand.
CNC machined for optimal weight & strength.

2.0 Single: Weight: 12.3 oz
MBS: 36kN
Certifications: CE/UIAA
Made in USA







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