Petzl TIBLOC Ultra-Light Emergency Ascender


An Ascender that Grips the Rope in any Conditions

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The Petzl TIBLOC ultra-light emergency ascender functions as either a rope ascender, or as a progress capture device in a hauling system, or as a friction knot replacement in self-rescue situations. It has a stainless steel cam with angled teeth and a self-cleaning slot that securely grips the rope even in muddy or icy conditions. In a bind, this ultra-lightweight ascender can be used to build hauling systems or as a Prusik replacement in self-rescue situations.

A small hole at top of Tibloc allows a keeper cord to be attached. The product can be used as a progress capture device in a hauling system.

Material(s): stainless steel
Weight: 35 g
Rope compatibility: 8 to 11 mm
Carabiner compatibility: all Petzl models except SPIRIT
Certification(s): CE EN 567, UIAA

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