CMC Ultra-Pro 2 Edge Protector


High performance material perfect for protecting rescue and climbing gear


SKU: 294042


Representing the latest thinking and design in edge protection, the CMC Ultra-Pro 2 Edge Protector is the perfect addition for your rescue kit. It is lightweight and easy to transport compared to other edge rollers and similar devices. Extremely slick, space-age material keeps decreases friction while simultaneously protecting rope from edges that are sharp or rough. The Ultra-Pro 2’s low profile design keeps it upright and properly positioned, avoiding the tipping over issue that many taller devices suffer from. It counteracts bends in the rope by conforming to the edge. The Ultra-Pro 2 has carabiner holes in each of the 4 corners, which allows it to be tied off to ensure safety, or multiple Ultra-Pro 2’s can be linked together for protection across a longer area. The Ultra-Pro 2 model is made for two ropes.






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