CLEARANCE-CMC/Roco Cobra Rescue Harness


Featuring the World’s Safest Buckle, this Co-Designed Roco / CMC Cobra Rescue Harness is the Harness Choice for Rescuers and Technicians Alike

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The Cobra Rescue Harness is the result of close collaboration between Roco Rescue’s instructors and the CMC design team. We are very proud of this harness and can’t wait for you to try one out – we think you’ll appreciate all the thought that went into it.

This harness is noticeably easier to don and doff, yet it has all the safety and comfort features you’ve come to expect from our harnesses. We chose AustriAlpin’s Cobra buckle as the centerpiece of our harness. Cobra buckles are without exception the world’s safest due to their high load-bearing capability and quick-release functionality. These aluminum buckles are finely crafted and their design is patented and ANSI approved.

The widened waist strap distributes the load across a greater surface area, making it more comfortable for the rescuer. We have also included a new Fall Arrest Indicator near the dorsal D-ring, which displays a red marker if the harness has been subjected to excessive forces.

Additional features you’d expect from a CMC / Roco Rescue brand harness include heavy-duty work-positioning side D-rings, Velcro Web-Keepers and a larger center D-ring that will accept up to three rescue-size carabiners.

Certified to NFPA 1983 Class III
Certified to ANSI Z359.1
Capacity Range 130-310lb
Made in the USA
Small: 26-30 inch waist
Medium: 30-44 inch waist
Large: 42-48 inch waist

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