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Travis Etie

Chief Instructor

Bayou-born and raised, Travis Etie, pronounced “Etch-ā” (with a Cajun accent), has been teaching for Roco since 2016 when he completed his Instructor Development program and started as an intern instructor. He quickly moved up the ranks to Chief Instructor in 2020. In this role, he leads Roco classes in confined space and high angle rescue all across the Gulf Coast region. Travis is well known for his passion as a rescue instructor as well as his dedication to the emergency response field.

When asked about Roco’s mission, Travis quickly sums it up… “It’s all about providing safe and simple instructions for performing real-world technical rescues.” As far as the most rewarding part of his job, he says, “Meeting new people and passing on the latest rescue skill sets and safety techniques along with my fellow Roco instructors.” He adds, “The camaraderie among our instructors and students is something special to watch.”

Travis is always in high demand by Roco customers (even though they can’t pronounce his name or understand his Cajun accent!) His humble attitude and love for teaching makes him an ideal lead instructor for Roco classes. He is known for getting his students involved and making it fun to learn. He is also known for staying after class to make sure all students are up-to-speed with the techniques he is teaching.

A long-time member of his local fire department, Travis currently serves as a Fire Captain with the St. John Fire Department in south Louisiana. In 2016, he was named Louisiana Firefighter of the Year for his dedication and professionalism. He is trained and certified as an EMT; CPR Instructor; Fire Captain; Rope & Confined Space Rescue Technician; Swift Water Rescue Technician; HazMat Technician; and LSU Firefighter Lead Evaluator.

Travis is also known for staying extremely active and jokes about having four kids and five jobs! But, he’s serious. From Roco to the fire department to a lawn service business and more, Travis stays on the go all the time. He lives in LaPlace, Louisiana, with his amazing wife and their four wonderful teenagers…that last part may be an oxymoron, not sure. Travis is active in his local church, bold in sharing his faith and always gives God the glory!

In his very spare time, he enjoys health and fitness. In fact, he is famous among the Roco ranks as having perfect muscles and perfect hair – even after wearing a helmet all day! Travis is also heavily involved with Firefighter Functional Gear Training, which refers to working out in a way that mimics movements routinely performed in fire and rescue operations. This practical, but specialized training, improves firefighter performance, reduces injuries and prolongs careers; a win-win scenario for the firefighter and the department.

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