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Sandra Eisworth


Sandra Eisworth currently serves as accountant for Roco Rescue. As such, she is involved in all financial and accounting matters for Roco, from managing payables, receivables and invoicing, to payroll, accounting, tax reporting, and handling insurance matters.

Sandra joined Roco in 1990 and was the company’s very first full-time employee. From the beginning, Sandra has worn many hats, handling all accounting functions as well as being involved in inventory and sales. As the company grew, her role evolved so that she was able to narrow her focus to accounting matters. For three decades now, Sandra has been a critical part of Roco’s tremendous growth and success. “It’s amazing how large the company has grown since I started here,” she says.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Louisiana State University. Prior to joining Roco Rescue, she worked in public accounting. Although she enjoyed her work, she decided that long-term she wanted to be more intimately involved in helping grow a small or medium-sized business. When she learned about Roco Rescue in early 1990, she decided that this was the opportunity she’d been seeking. Sandra soon became in-house accountant for Roco and was also involved in other aspects of running the business, from managing inventory to interfacing with employees, contractors, and customers.

Sandra’s role has evolved since joining the company, especially as it has grown. Although she now focuses more closely on accounting and finances, her tasks are still fairly diverse. “My tasks really vary day-to-day,” she says, “from fielding requests for information, reporting to outside agencies, handling employment verifications, dealing with insurance, invoicing, and managing compensation for our contractors.”

Sandra enjoys the diverse nature of this work. “Different things come up each day, so it’s interesting to see what I may end up working on during the day,” she says. But by far what she enjoys most is her co-workers at Roco Rescue. “What I love most is the people,” she says. “I enjoy getting to work with everyone here at Roco Rescue, from the employees to the customers.” Sandra attributes her tremendous job satisfaction to the quality of people at Roco, and the culture that’s been created by CEO Kay Goodwyn.

“She has been so wonderful to work for all these years,” Sandra says. “She’s very supportive of all of us, and you can tell she truly cares. This is not just a company to her. She cares about the employees, she cares about the customers – she’s just a very humble, honest, and smart businesswoman.”

Sandra resides just outside of Baton Rouge in the small Louisiana town of Central. Outside of her work with Roco, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling. Sandra is also a “Great Aunt,” and one of her very favorite things is spending time with her niece’s two young boys – they are truly the light of her life!

With more than 30 years’ experience, Sandra looks forward to continuing to work for Roco and to further its mission by providing exemplary service. “I want to increase my knowledge, learn, and grow, to be more productive and efficient, and to improve my communication skills.” She sees Roco’s continued mission as one of excellence…by providing the best equipment and exceptional training and highest level of customer service, while treating its valued customers sincerely, with respect, honor, and dignity.

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