David Landrum, Roco Rescue

David Landrum

If there’s one thing you can say about David Landrum…he’s a very versatile employee. In addition to being Roco’s Gulf Coast Regional CSRT Coordinator, he is also a Roco Rescue Instructor and a COSS Safety Specialist. What’s more, he just retired as a Fire Caption after 25 years of service in the Jackson (MS) Fire Department.

As Roco’s Regional CSRT Coordinator, David is responsible for the Mississippi Regional Area for CSRT Standby Rescue work. His focus is on customer relationships, business development, job coordination, equipment management and job scheduling. He also works on-site rescue standby jobs and safety specialist assignments.

When asked about Roco’s mission, David replied, “To provide our customers with professional rescue, safety services and training using the most qualified rescue personnel in the industry.” And, David works hard to make sure this is a reality for our industrial and municipal customers.

David started his Roco career in 2016 as a CSRT Rescue Standby Crew Member. Through this vast on-the-job experience, he was promoted to CSRT Crew Chief. As mentioned, he is also a Roco Rescue Instructor for confined space and high angle rescue. David states that one of the most fulfilling parts of his Roco job is, “As a Roco instructor, it is most rewarding for me when I personally see the growth and knowledge that students take away from their training.”

As a recently retired Captain with the Jackson Fire Department, David has experience in firefighting operations in addition to various disciplines of technical rescue including rope, confined space, trench rescue, structural collapse, swift water and wilderness rescue. He served on the State USAR team as a Mississippi Task Force Member. David currently serves his local community as a volunteer member of the Raymond Fire Department. He also had the honor of serving at the JFD alongside his brother, Scott, who is also a Roco CSRT Crew Chief.

Away from work, David enjoys family time with his wife, Daphne, of 16 years and their three daughters, Addison (16), Presley (13) and Shelby Grace (6). They enjoy vacationing in the mountains and at the beach – most anything that involves the great outdoors! His hobbies include fishing, working on hobby vehicles, and riding four-wheelers. He and his family currently reside in Clinton, MS.

When asked about some of his more interesting adventures in working with Roco – he mentioned attending his first Roco Rescue Challenge. He said when evaluators/instructors hung a vehicle from the side of the Roco rescue prop – at that moment, he knew that this was going to be a great place for him!

Zac Cain, Special Projects Manager, Roco Rescue

Zac Cain

Meet our newest Roco team member – Zac Cain. While Zac has trained and worked with Roco since 2008, he literally just started his full-time career with Roco Rescue in September 2021. Recently retired from the U.S. Navy, Zac brings more than 28 years of truly unique military experience to Roco’s Tactical Program. This includes many years spent at Naval Special Warfare Development Group in Virginia Beach, VA, where he served as EOD Squadron Advanced Training Master Chief.

As Special Projects Manager and Chief Instructor for Roco’s Tactical Division, Zac will be instructing various military and law enforcement units in rope access and combat egress, container access, confined space, structural collapse, and high-angle search and recovery techniques for tactical environments be it maritime, urban, or mountain. During his past experience with Roco, he has helped shape container access and heavy lift techniques for military and law enforcement EOD teams.

Even though he’s new to our team but a long-time customer, we asked Zac about his thoughts on Roco’s mission. He replied, “Roco’s mission is in its name, Rescue – preparing and training people for rescue operations, and conducting search and rescue.” When asked about the most rewarding part of his new job with Roco, he stated, “While I’ve yet to discover that, I suspect it will be working with rescuers from across the nation, including America’s elite military and law enforcement, giving them tools and techniques to save lives.”

As a combat veteran, Zac made multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other conflict zones. He leveraged his combat experience to prepare EOD, SEAL, and SWCC Operators to effectively operate in diverse environments laden with IEDs, explosive ordnance, and CBRNE hazards. Zac has trained personnel in EOD tactics from every branch of the U.S. military, nine foreign partner military units, and a multitude of law enforcement units. During this time, Zac also completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Military Leadership.

In proud service to his country, Zac received numerous awards for combat service in both Afghanistan and Iraq to include: Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal with V (2), Distinguished Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal with V, and Combat Action Ribbon (2).

After travelling and residing in different places around the world, Zac has recently returned to the Pacific Northwest. He lives in Bellingham, WA, only 78 miles from where he grew up. He is an avid skier and is an adjunct mountain warfare instructor for Snowbird Ski Resort’s Military Program. Zac and his family enjoy time in the mountains skiing, hiking, and climbing. He and his wife, Krista, are the proud parents of two teenage boys and two German Shepherds. Zac also owns a vintage Ford Bronco that he is currently restoring.

We welcome Zac to Roco and thank him for his contributions to the safety of our nation and our military personnel.

Travis Etie, Roco Rescue

Travis Etie

Bayou-born and raised, Travis Etie, pronounced “Etch-ā” (with a Cajun accent), has been teaching for Roco since 2016 when he completed his Instructor Development program and started as an intern instructor. He quickly moved up the ranks to Chief Instructor in 2020. In this role, he leads Roco classes in confined space and high angle rescue all across the Gulf Coast region. Travis is well known for his passion as a rescue instructor as well as his dedication to the emergency response field.

When asked about Roco’s mission, Travis quickly sums it up… “It’s all about providing safe and simple instructions for performing real-world technical rescues.” As far as the most rewarding part of his job, he says, “Meeting new people and passing on the latest rescue skill sets and safety techniques along with my fellow Roco instructors.” He adds, “The camaraderie among our instructors and students is something special to watch.”

Travis is always in high demand by Roco customers (even though they can’t pronounce his name or understand his Cajun accent!) His humble attitude and love for teaching makes him an ideal lead instructor for Roco classes. He is known for getting his students involved and making it fun to learn. He is also known for staying after class to make sure all students are up-to-speed with the techniques he is teaching.

A long-time member of his local fire department, Travis currently serves as a Fire Captain with the St. John Fire Department in south Louisiana. In 2016, he was named Louisiana Firefighter of the Year for his dedication and professionalism. He is trained and certified as an EMT; CPR Instructor; Fire Captain; Rope & Confined Space Rescue Technician; Swift Water Rescue Technician; HazMat Technician; and LSU Firefighter Lead Evaluator.

Travis is also known for staying extremely active and jokes about having four kids and five jobs! But, he’s serious. From Roco to the fire department to a lawn service business and more, Travis stays on the go all the time. He lives in LaPlace, Louisiana, with his amazing wife and their four wonderful teenagers…that last part may be an oxymoron, not sure. Travis is active in his local church, bold in sharing his faith and always gives God the glory!

In his very spare time, he enjoys health and fitness. In fact, he is famous among the Roco ranks as having perfect muscles and perfect hair – even after wearing a helmet all day! Travis is also heavily involved with Firefighter Functional Gear Training, which refers to working out in a way that mimics movements routinely performed in fire and rescue operations. This practical, but specialized training, improves firefighter performance, reduces injuries and prolongs careers; a win-win scenario for the firefighter and the department.

Kenneth “Kenny” Greene

Coming from the largest police force in the United States and serving in the prestigious NYPD Emergency Services Unit, Kenny Greene has a wealth of knowledge in multiple technical rescue disciplines. Having been a member of NYPD for 22 years and assigned to ESU for the past 16 years, he has developed and honed his skills serving the city that never sleeps. He has served as the lead rope rescue, trench rescue, and building collapse instructor for the past 7 years. Kenny also serves as a rescue specialist with FEMA’s New York Task Force 1.

Six years ago, Kenny came to work for Roco Rescue as an assistant rope and confined space rescue instructor and a CSRT standby rescue crew member. With his skills and experience, he quickly moved up the ranks to a Chief Instructor and CSRT Crew Chief. Kenny also serves as one of Roco’s primary Chief Trench Rescue Instructors, assisting in keeping the program up to date. He has brought a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience to the Roco team.

When asked about Roco’s mission, Kenny’s response is direct and to the point – “Overthink your actions in training, not on a real-life rescue. This way you learn how to keep it clean and efficient.” And he definitely emphasizes this with his students as he teaches for Roco across the nation. According to Kenny, “Overly complex systems often prove to be a hindrance to the rescue, causing needless delays.” He adds, “It’s best to keep it safe and simple.”

Kenny really enjoys teaching new students – in fact, he says the most rewarding part of his job with Roco is “seeing people who maybe have never worked together, operate as a team by the end of a class.” A major component of any successful rescue is teamwork, and that’s what Kenny instills in his students. Repetitive practice of skills, realistic scenarios and working together as a cohesive team can mean the difference in life or death for the victim.

Kenny lives on Long Island and says his favorite activity outside work is going camping with his family.

Chris McGlynn

Having joined Roco in August 2019 as a CSRT Crew Member, Chris McGlynn quickly progressed to CSRT Crew Chief and Safety Specialist before being promoted to Director at Roco Rescue. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) through the Board of Certified Safety Professional as well as a Certified Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technician, and a Nationally Registered Paramedic. Chris also has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University.

Chris currently serves as Director of Safety Services, a division comprised of highly trained and experienced safety specialists who provide on-site safety services to industrial facilities and major turnaround projects. In addition to his role with Safety Services, Chris also oversees all corporate safety initiatives, ensuring that employees at Roco have the tools and training that they need to do their work safely and effectively. Finally, Chris serves as the VPP Coordinator for Roco, continuing Roco’s long-standing commitment to excellence in safety and health. Roco has been an OSHA VPP Star Worksite since 2013.

According to Chris, “Roco’s mission is to provide rescue and safety services while keeping safety and quality as top priorities. Roco’s commitment to safety ensures that the best rescue is one that never happens – taking a proactive approach to preventing accidents from ever occurring.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of his job, Chris responded, “Prior to my time with Roco, I spent 12 years as a paramedic, responding to the horrific aftermath of accidents. With Roco, I have the ability to be an integral part of preventing accidents from ever happening! There is no greater satisfaction or reward than seeing everyone go home at the end of the shift in the same way they showed up.”

Chris and his family live in Belair Cove, near Ville Platte, Louisiana. Chris is happily married to Alexis McGlynn, his wife of 12 years. They have three wonderful children (Alyssa, Rhett, and Sadie).

When asked what he enjoys outside of work, Chris stated, “I’m a musician. I’ve always been musically inclined and can play many different instruments.” He added, “I’m also a smoked meat connoisseur; as a hobby, I enjoy making my own sausage, Tasso[1] and other smoked / Cajun style meats.” Aside from that, Chris enjoys anything outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, etc.) Above all else, he says, “I enjoy spending time with my family!”

[1] Tasso – from the Cajun dictionary, Tasso is smoked, spiced, and cured meat from a hog – a specialty of south Louisiana cuisine.

Michelle Rivere, Roco Rescue

Michelle Rivere

Michelle Rivere joined Roco Rescue in 2007 in an administrative role. She has since advanced to Training Coordinator/Sr. Administrative Assistant. When asked to describe her current duties, she said, “When it comes to training at Roco, I support almost every aspect. I ensure that our training programs are scheduled, staffed, supported and documented – so that our clients, students and instructors get everything they need for an excellent course.”

As Training Coordinator, Michelle works very closely with Roco’s Director of Training Chris Carlsen in a number of projects including the development of course/instructor outlines and the Roco Student Study Guides. She establishes Roco’s annual open-enrollment course schedule, maintains the internal instructor work calendar, oversees the travel system for instructors and creates training proposals for clients.

Perhaps one of her biggest responsibilities is coordinating Roco’s Annual Rescue Challenge with the Director of Training. This involves planning and hosting the two-day event for rescue teams from across the nation. According to Michelle, “Rescue Challenge offers an incredible opportunity for teams to practice their skills in challenging scenarios under pre-set time limits to simulate the pressures of a real rescue.”

When asked about Roco’s mission, she says, “To provide the best, safest and most reliable rescue training along with exceptional customer service.” As far as the most rewarding part of her job, she adds, “Helping our clients receive the training course that is best for them along with the documentation required to demonstrate successful completion. This is especially important for a company’s training and compliance records.”

Michelle was born in New Orleans and now resides near Baton Rouge with her husband of 35 years. They have two grown sons and two awesome grandchildren. “They are my world!” according to Michelle. She enjoys spending time with her family – and loves attending music concerts and anything that involves being on a beach! She adds, “My faith in Jesus Christ remains a constant in my life, and I am very blessed to have the family and job that I do.”

Teresa Wilson, Roco Rescue

Teresa Wilson

If you’ve contacted Roco about rescue equipment recently, you’ve probably talked with Teresa Wilson. She talks with customers about their equipment needs and helps to make sure they get what they need, when they need it. She prepares quotes, processes purchase orders for sales and inventory, oversees shipping, and processes invoices once the order is shipped. Teresa handles all phone orders as well as website orders. She is responsible for updating product information in our accounting software and on the Roco website. In addition to managing our sales inventory, she also helps with inventory tracking for our training gear and CSRT services equipment.

Teresa joined Roco Rescue in 2015 as a member of our Equipment Sales and Service team. As she learned more about rescue gear and our internal processes, she took on more managerial responsibilities in 2017. Prior to joining Roco, Teresa spent much of her career in various administrative roles from the corporate setting to the construction industry. She lives in Central, which is just outside Baton Rouge. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys cooking and spending time with her children.

When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Teresa says, “Knowing that I am helping others get the equipment they need in order to train and/or follow through on any rescues that may arise in their response area is most rewarding. Also, being able to work along side and learn from some of the best in the business who truly care and constantly strive to help others possibly save lives all in the name of safety.”

Teresa also believes in the company’s mission, which she describes as, “Roco strives to say up-to-date with all safety standards and OSHA regulations to provide top notch training, contracted standby rescue teams and equipment – while ensuring that safety is top priority for clients and employees.”

Mayumi Davis

Mayumi Davis joined Roco Rescue in December 2014 as a member of the Account Services team. She got her start with Roco through a temporary agency but quickly became a full-time employee. Her duties and responsibilities with the company are many, but her primary focus is Roco’s CSRT Standby Rescue Division. Mayumi processes all CSRT invoicing and all personnel timesheets. Of course, this means a lot of exacting work, which Mayumi bravely faces each day.

Prior to joining Roco, Mayumi earned a BS degree in Accounting at LSU and worked at several local firms, including the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. She states, “I was extremely fortunate to be able to stay at home with my children until they reached school age. And that’s when I decided to re-enter the workforce.” This is when the temp agency led her to Roco Rescue.

When asked about her work experience, she adds, “It’s been wonderful working with Cindy and Sandra at Roco. I have learned to become a stronger accountant. Together, we can tackle any obstacle, working as a team!” According to Mayumi, the most rewarding part of her job is receiving positive feedback from CSRT personnel, colleagues and clients.

Mayumi lives in Prairieville, Louisiana, which is just south of Baton Rouge. She and her husband have been blessed with two children, Logan and Mia. They are a very active family, who love nature and the outdoors. They enjoy riding ATV’s on wooded trails, especially when the weather is nice. And, Mayumi will tell you – she loves to visit National Parks! She has visited Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky and Big Bend national parks. Next on their family’s itinerary is the Everglades National Park in Florida.

Mayumi is a dedicated, loyal employee who always strives to do her best. When asked about the Roco mission, she stated, “Roco has a commitment to save lives around the planet through education and safety awareness. Roco strives to always be a positive contributor to our local community.”

Roco Rescue Chief Instructor, Heath Petty

Heath Petty

Chief Instructor, Flight Medic, Firefighter, Task Force Leader, Traveling Man…Heath Petty has done it all. He is currently a full-time Chief Instructor for Roco’s tactical/military division as well as for the civilian side of Roco. In his unique position, Heath has had the opportunity to teach rescuers in both the civilian and military arenas. He can bridge the gap between these arenas and teach the concepts associated with each discipline in a way that is practical no matter what the mission.

Having taught hundreds of classes over the years, Heath has worked with rescue teams from across the nation – including specialized teams from all branches of the military, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. As part of his “tactical-side” duties, Heath also serves as the Facility Security Officer for Roco with DOD programs in association with a Department of Energy national site.

While working for the Albuquerque (NM) Fire Department, Heath first came to work for Roco in 1998 as a part-time CPR instructor at a major computer manufacturing facility. He later completed all levels of Roco rescue training, including Instructor Development, to become an instructor in addition to his CSRT on-site rescue service duties at the manufacturing facility. In 2005, he became a Chief Instructor and taught his first Roco tactical course the following year. He retired from the AFD after 20 years and became a full-time Roco employee in October 2015.

During Heath’s 20 years with the Albuquerque Fire Department, he served as a Lieutenant on an Engine company and spent part of his career with AFD’s Heavy Rescue Station. He was also a member of the New Mexico Task Force 1, FEMA USAR team. As part of this team, he responded as a Rescue Squad Specialist to the Pentagon following the 9/11 attacks. He then responded as Rescue Squad Leader to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005. The NMTF-1 was credited with rescuing numerous civilians trapped in flood waters during these deployments on the Gulf coast.

In 2009, Heath enlisted in the New Mexico Army National Guard and was assigned as a Flight Medic on a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, call sign DUSTOFF. He later deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). From 2011-2012, he responded to more than 200 MEDEVAC combat missions in hostile environments and received numerous awards and citations. He was medically retired from the US Army in 2019.

When asked what’s the most rewarding part of his job, Heath replied, “Working with people who are willing to put their lives on the line every day for someone else. And to see the look of satisfaction when they learn a new set of skills to better perform these lifesaving duties.” Roco’s mission aligns perfectly, Heath adds, “Our mission at Roco is to provide exceptional, up-to-date and time critical training and consulting to individuals and teams whose mission is saving lives. This could be rescuing a person from a dangerous situation or moving personnel into potentially dangerous situations, such as EOD events.”

Now, for the traveling part, Heath loves to roam the country cruising in his van. While he’s currently “parked” in Omaha, Nebraska, you never know where he’s off to next. Heath loves adventure – from mountain biking to spending time with his two amazing daughters. He’s definitely a proud dad.

Sandra Eisworth

Sandra Eisworth currently serves as accountant for Roco Rescue. As such, she is involved in all financial and accounting matters for Roco, from managing payables, receivables and invoicing, to payroll, accounting, tax reporting, and handling insurance matters.

Sandra joined Roco in 1990 and was the company’s very first full-time employee. From the beginning, Sandra has worn many hats, handling all accounting functions as well as being involved in inventory and sales. As the company grew, her role evolved so that she was able to narrow her focus to accounting matters. For three decades now, Sandra has been a critical part of Roco’s tremendous growth and success. “It’s amazing how large the company has grown since I started here,” she says.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Louisiana State University. Prior to joining Roco Rescue, she worked in public accounting. Although she enjoyed her work, she decided that long-term she wanted to be more intimately involved in helping grow a small or medium-sized business. When she learned about Roco Rescue in early 1990, she decided that this was the opportunity she’d been seeking. Sandra soon became in-house accountant for Roco and was also involved in other aspects of running the business, from managing inventory to interfacing with employees, contractors, and customers.

Sandra’s role has evolved since joining the company, especially as it has grown. Although she now focuses more closely on accounting and finances, her tasks are still fairly diverse. “My tasks really vary day-to-day,” she says, “from fielding requests for information, reporting to outside agencies, handling employment verifications, dealing with insurance, invoicing, and managing compensation for our contractors.”

Sandra enjoys the diverse nature of this work. “Different things come up each day, so it’s interesting to see what I may end up working on during the day,” she says. But by far what she enjoys most is her co-workers at Roco Rescue. “What I love most is the people,” she says. “I enjoy getting to work with everyone here at Roco Rescue, from the employees to the customers.” Sandra attributes her tremendous job satisfaction to the quality of people at Roco, and the culture that’s been created by CEO Kay Goodwyn.

“She has been so wonderful to work for all these years,” Sandra says. “She’s very supportive of all of us, and you can tell she truly cares. This is not just a company to her. She cares about the employees, she cares about the customers – she’s just a very humble, honest, and smart businesswoman.”

Sandra resides just outside of Baton Rouge in the small Louisiana town of Central. Outside of her work with Roco, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling. Sandra is also a “Great Aunt,” and one of her very favorite things is spending time with her niece’s two young boys – they are truly the light of her life!

With more than 30 years’ experience, Sandra looks forward to continuing to work for Roco and to further its mission by providing exemplary service. “I want to increase my knowledge, learn, and grow, to be more productive and efficient, and to improve my communication skills.” She sees Roco’s continued mission as one of excellence…by providing the best equipment and exceptional training and highest level of customer service, while treating its valued customers sincerely, with respect, honor, and dignity.