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Ish Antonio

Tactical Program Manager

Ish Antonio manages Roco Rescue’s tactical training programs. He oversees the development of the program as a whole and he is one of the primary instructors, teaching courses throughout the United States with an emphasis on FBI and Navy Seal training. He has been involved in Roco Rescue’s tactical training program since 2001, when he helped launch of the company’s very first tactical training course.

Ish started his career in rescue with the United States Air Force’s Pararescuemen (PJs) and served his country in this capacity for twenty years. While stationed in New Mexico in 1994, Ish accepted a part-time opportunity with Roco Rescue as an instructor. The training was primarily for a customer in high-tech manufacturing, but it nonetheless leveraged some of Ish’s technical know-how from the PJs. After six years working on the industrial side, Ish moved to the tactical training side, where he has remained ever since.

Since Ish has been with Roco Rescue, the company has been recognized as a leading expert in tactical rescue and as a proclaimed confined space training expert for the Department of Defense.

Ish lives in New Mexico with his wife, and whenever an opportunity arises, they enjoy visiting their three adult children and four grandchildren.

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