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David Landrum

Gulf Coast Regional CSRT Coordinator

If there’s one thing you can say about David Landrum…he’s a very versatile employee. In addition to being Roco’s Gulf Coast Regional CSRT Coordinator, he is also a Roco Rescue Instructor and a COSS Safety Specialist. What’s more, he just retired as a Fire Caption after 25 years of service in the Jackson (MS) Fire Department.

As Roco’s Regional CSRT Coordinator, David is responsible for the Mississippi Regional Area for CSRT Standby Rescue work. His focus is on customer relationships, business development, job coordination, equipment management and job scheduling. He also works on-site rescue standby jobs and safety specialist assignments.

When asked about Roco’s mission, David replied, “To provide our customers with professional rescue, safety services and training using the most qualified rescue personnel in the industry.” And, David works hard to make sure this is a reality for our industrial and municipal customers.

David started his Roco career in 2016 as a CSRT Rescue Standby Crew Member. Through this vast on-the-job experience, he was promoted to CSRT Crew Chief. As mentioned, he is also a Roco Rescue Instructor for confined space and high angle rescue. David states that one of the most fulfilling parts of his Roco job is, “As a Roco instructor, it is most rewarding for me when I personally see the growth and knowledge that students take away from their training.”

As a recently retired Captain with the Jackson Fire Department, David has experience in firefighting operations in addition to various disciplines of technical rescue including rope, confined space, trench rescue, structural collapse, swift water and wilderness rescue. He served on the State USAR team as a Mississippi Task Force Member. David currently serves his local community as a volunteer member of the Raymond Fire Department. He also had the honor of serving at the JFD alongside his brother, Scott, who is also a Roco CSRT Crew Chief.

Away from work, David enjoys family time with his wife, Daphne, of 16 years and their three daughters, Addison (16), Presley (13) and Shelby Grace (6). They enjoy vacationing in the mountains and at the beach – most anything that involves the great outdoors! His hobbies include fishing, working on hobby vehicles, and riding four-wheelers. He and his family currently reside in Clinton, MS.

When asked about some of his more interesting adventures in working with Roco – he mentioned attending his first Roco Rescue Challenge. He said when evaluators/instructors hung a vehicle from the side of the Roco rescue prop – at that moment, he knew that this was going to be a great place for him!

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