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Brian Patrick

CSRT Crew Chief

Brian Patrick joined Roco in July of 2018. He started out as a CSRT crew member but quickly progressed to a Crew Chief. In his role as Crew Chief, Brian is responsible for running and managing Roco CSRT on-site jobs. He also provides safety oversight when teams are working at a customer’s location. It’s his responsibility to ensure that all precautions are taken, preplans are prepared and the team is ready to go into action if an emergency arises.

Prior to joining Roco, Brian worked on a military range where he trained soldiers to shoot pistols and rifles – where, once again, safety was paramount. He also served as Safety Officer on tank and machine gun ranges. Brian also has quite an extensive background in management. His experience in these areas make him a great fit for being a CSRT Crew Chief and Safety Officer for Roco jobs.

When asked about Roco’s mission, he stated, “To me, Roco’s mission is to find the safest way possible to do something while holding the client’s needs at the highest regards. To leave the job safer than when you arrived.” He also expressed that the most rewarding part of his job is getting to meet and train new people – “to make sure that we have gone above and beyond when we go somewhere and that the customer has the wow factor.”

As a member of Roco CSRT teams, Brian has had the opportunity to travel quite a bit during his three years. He stated that one of the most exciting times would be riding through the swamps in an airboat to get back and forth from a jobsite. Just recently, he and Cameron Gilmore were working a job on the Mississippi River when a pelican landed in their rescue boat to hang out while also trying to steal his lunch!

In addition to being a Roco certified Confined Space Rescue Technician and Trench Rescue Technician based on NFPA standards, Brian has also received his OSHA 30, EMR, CPR, and specialized inert helmet training. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Hospitality Management.

Brian currently lives in Covington, Louisiana, with his beautiful wife, Katie, and their five awesome kids. DJ is 14, twin girls Madison and Ayden are 13, and another set of twins, Jackson and Carson, are 6 years old. Brian enjoys spending time outdoors, and he also loves to shoot. He enjoys playing golf and going hiking with his kids. The family also loves fishing – right in their own front yard!

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