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Aimee Sims

Vice President

As vice president of Roco Rescue, Aimee Sims has many responsibilities and decisions to make on a daily basis. In addition to corporate oversight, Aimee routinely represents Roco on various business transactions including banking, insurance and facilities management. A big part of Aimee’s time is spent interacting with customers (and potential customers) who are interested in Roco’s training programs. She discusses the various training options and helps get the customer to the right course.

Aimee’s background in industrial fire and safety sales has been a tremendous asset to Roco. She draws on her past experience as she handles Roco’s private training course coordination, proposals and oversight of billing. However, Aimee states, “The most rewarding part of my job is hearing from students/clients after a Roco course – and especially if the team has performed a real rescue! We get as excited as they do! And this is all because of our incredible instructors.”

She adds, “It’s also a real pleasure to read all the student course evaluations – that’s something that never gets old – hearing how much they got out of the class and how passionate our instructors are. After all, Roco’s mission is all about teaching students to save lives. It’s our job to help rescue teams everywhere get the best training in order to save lives in a safe and efficient way.” Aimee adds, “We are very serious about our Roco motto, ‘There’s a safe way and a safer way!’ and we do this with honesty and integrity – it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life for us.”

As mentioned, Aimee’s rescue industry roots run deep. She worked at a fire and safety equipment supplier for 15 years prior to joining Roco in 1990. In fact, this is where Aimee met Kay Goodwyn, and they became instant friends. Because of their friendship as well as their shared work history, Roco seemed the perfect fit for Aimee. At that time (1990), Aimee joined Roco as an inside sales representative. She continued her long-standing working relationships with fire and rescue teams from local industry and municipal departments. This soon expanded to a nation-wide basis.

A Louisiana native, Aimee was born and raised in Baton Rouge. Currently, she and her husband reside in Prairieville, a suburb of Baton Rouge. Aimee loves traveling – especially to their lake house on Toledo Bend Lake. She also enjoys getting together with family and friends, cooking and entertaining, and cheering for the LSU Tigers. According to Aimee, Roco has provided some wonderful travel opportunities when attending tradeshows across the nation. She even “volunteers” to work the Hawaii Fire Chiefs Conference each year – now that’s dedication!

When asked what the Roco mission means to her, Aimee says, “It’s all about serving emergency responders and our industrial customers – providing them with the highest level of rescue training, rescue services and rescue equipment.” She adds, “And we see this modeled each day by our company president, Kay Goodwyn, who loves and cares for each and every one of us as a family. Again, Roco is much more than a job, it’s our life.”

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