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Welcome to RescueTalk™ Podcast

RescueTalk™ Podcast explores critical topics for technical, industrial and municipal rescue professionals, emergency responders and safety personnel. Learn about confined space rescue, OSHA compliance, NFPA standards, fall protection, trench rescue, off-shore considerations, rescue equipment, training and more.

Episode 01: Dialing 911 for Confined Space Rescue

Is your facility relying on 911 for confined space emergencies? Pat Furr, Roco’s VPP Coordinator, discusses the various ways that facilities can provide rescue for confined space emergencies. The interview looks specifically at the considerations a facility should thoroughly cover when using the 911 system for their primary rescue service. Pat also discusses ways that facilities can determine if an outside agency is capable of providing the level of technical rescue required.

Episode 02: OSHA Construction Standard

Roco’s Director of Training Dennis O’Connell gives an in depth look at OSHA’s new Confined Spaces in Construction Standard 1926. He discusses the requirements that will be placed on facilities under the new standard as well as the differences between 1926 and the confined space standard 1910.146. The new standard has been in the works for several years, how will it affect the industry? Dennis gives his thoughts on this as well.

Episode 03: Fire Department Obstacles

Jim Breen former Fire Chief of the Albuquerque Fire Department discusses the many challenges faced by municipal fire departments across the nation when faced with providing technical rescue capabilities. Jim breaks down the key issues to include funding, training, manpower, and response considerations. He also provides insight into ways that departments can alleviate some, if not all, of these common obstacles.

Episode 04: Offshore Complications

Guest Eddie Chapa gives an interesting inside look into the world of technical rescue for offshore operations and the complications that are faced under such limited conditions. On top of all the hazards faced during land-based rescue efforts, Eddie brings to light the other factors such as weather, sea state, medical and extended care support, transportation, and equipment considerations that compound these already difficult tasks.

Episode 05-Trench Safety and Rescue

Dennis O’Connell discusses the complications and hazards rescue teams encounter when tasked with providing rescue from trenches. 

Dennis points out the important safety concerns and some issues that are potentially overlooked in these dynamic environments as well as deficiencies with training, equipment, and response that some agencies are faced with.

Episode 06: Fall Protection and Suspension Trauma Part 1

Pat Furr again joins us to discuss the topics of fall protection and the effects of suspension trauma on workers who do not receive prompt rescue. Pat focuses his discussion in the first part of the interview on the different types of fall protection utilized in industry and the rescue techniques that are employed to recover workers who are suspended in these devices.

Episode 07: Fall Protection and Suspension Trauma Part 2

In the second part of the interview, Pat continues his discussion on fall protection devices and rescue techniques and closes out with an in depth look into the medical effects of suspension trauma on the human body. Pat discusses the treatment considerations that rescuers should focus on if faced with prolonged rescue operations of suspended workers.

Episode 08: New Petzl Equipment

Petzl representatives John Dorough and Russell McCullar give us a breakdown of some of the new items that Petzl has introduced this year. They discuss in depth the features of these products and the benefits that are provided with their use. Some of the products that are discussed in this episode include the new JAG system, Pro Pulley, Swivel Open, ASAP lock and several more.

Episode 09: OSHA’s Confined Space Regulation 1910.146

Roco council Robert Aguiluz discusses OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Regulation (1910.146). Robert gives his insights on how facilities have conformed to the standard since its promulgation over 20 years ago, OSHA’s pursuit of strict compliance to the standard, and which violations have the highest occurrence rate. Robert also answers questions of potential changes or expansion to the existing regulation.

Episode 10: OSHA’s Confined Space Regulation 1926

Robert Aguiluz joins us again to discuss OSHA’s new construction standard 1926 and the legal effects it will have on the industry. Robert will discuss how he sees OSHA moving into this new era and how he thinks enforcement will come into play during this transition. Robert will also touch on the areas of the new standard that he feels will give the construction industry the most difficult time adapting to for compliance.

Episode 11: 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Assistant Chief Chad Roberson of the St. George fire department joins us to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Chad breaks down the response from local and federal USAR teams and the challenges that were faced during this unprecedented catastrophic event. Chad discusses the changes that have occurred with USAR response planning, FEMA’s role during natural disaster rescue efforts, and federal funding that is available for local agencies.

Episode 12: Team Proficiency in Training

Pat Furr discusses training considerations that teams should focus on to reach the highest level of proficiency. Pat discusses different approaches that training coordinators can take to ensure that each team member is trained to be proficient in all areas of technical rescue for confined space. Pat gives examples of scenarios, individual skills training, and considerations for roles and responsibilities during training that will benefit the team in its entirety.

Episode 13: Rescue Challenge for Industrial Rescue Teams

Roco Director of training Dennis O’Connell discusses the benefits of teams attending the rescue challenge. Dennis breaks down the two day event and describes the what teams will be exposed to as well as what is gained not only at the team level but for the individuals attending.

Episode 14: What Rescue Training is Right for You

Roco Director of training Dennis O’Connell discusses the often asked question “what training is right for my team”. Dennis breaks down the differences between classes to include techniques, length of training, and certification while pointing out examples of what needs and requirements of a team point to each level of training.

Episode 15: Helicopter Rescue

Texas Task Force member, and Roco Instructor, Matt McElearney gives an inside look at the function and demands of Helicopter Search and Rescue Technicians (HSARTs) during large scale incidents and natural disasters. Matt discusses equipment, skills, and training utilized to perform rescue operations in these adverse conditions.

Episode 16: Pre Rigging Safety Equipment

Texas Task Force member and Roco Instructor Matt McElearney is back to discuss the details and benefits of pre-rigging rescue equipment,  as well as preparations for industrial and wilderness rescues. 

About our host, Josh Hill
With more than 20 years of rescue experience Josh has been a Marine, a professional firefighter and a Chief Instructor for Roco Rescue. He takes the lead on research and development while keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in rescue gear. As a member of our tactical instructor team, Josh specializes in shipboard and urban confined space rescue, vehicle extrication and structural collapse. While serving with the Baton Rouge Fire Department, Josh was involved with several large scale USAR deployments including Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Now, he’s the host of Roco’s new RescueTalk™ podcast where he talks with leaders in the field of technical rescue.

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