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Red Stick Ready

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Roco participated in Red Stick Ready June 19th  at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  Red Stick Ready is an awareness program sponsored by the Baton Rouge Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. The program is designed to provide critical information to the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish to help them prepare for, respond to and recover from all emergency situations. The agency is also releasing a series of television shows in an effort to enhance community outreach about preparedness.

The Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness has achieved the highest national certification from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP). Baton Rouge is one of only two cities in Louisiana to be certified as a “Storm Ready Community” by the National Weather Service.

According to JoAnne Moreau, Driector of the EBR Office of Homeland Secruity, pictured here with Roco’s John Voinche’,  says this event was a chance for citizens to interact with public agencies vital to the response effort during an emergency and how citizens of Baton Rouge can actually play a vital role during a parish city or parish wide emergency.

Agencies and companies participating in Red Stick Ready were Roco, The BR Fire Department, Department of Public Works, American Red Cross, Entergy, Council on Aging, MMRS, Office of Public Health, St. George Fire Department, EBR Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Medical Services, BR Police Department, Exxon, North Baton Rouge Chemical Industry Task Force and EBRP Public Schools.

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